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Sloped hood - Curved Style Range Hood - Custom Made/Unfinished/Easy to assemble

Sloped hood - Curved Style Range Hood - Custom Made/Unfinished/Easy to assemble

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We can send you parts for free if there is a problem in your dimensions. Custom-made product cannot be returned. We guarantee the measurements and quality of our pieces.


We make the pre-drill for a basic assembly.
Your product could have countersunk on only one side of the pieces.
you need to add more holes, or use glue, or nails, or more countersunk to assemble it.


For paint
The internal structure is 3/4 pine plywood. The exterior panels are 3/4" Poplar or Birch plywood.

For Drywall/Shiplap
3/4 pine plywood.

The front covers are 1/4" plywood. Not enabled on all models

**We have different models, a model with frotn cover and another model only with a structure for carpenters at a better price.

Request info

We require the model of your range hood and your phone number.
Max Width, If the hoods are installed between cabinets.
We send you a drawing before cutting this product.
This product requires customer approval.

Customer Services

You can order extra pieces or make special cuts.
We use the measures recommended by the companies.
Once the design is approved the customers are responsible for any errors.
We guarantee the dimensions of our drawings.
This product cannot be returned or canceled.
30% fee for cancellations.

We can send you new parts of your product if they were lost in the shipment, arrived in poor condition, or had an incorrect dimension.

If you received your broken box. Contact us ASAP. We require 10 photos of the product and box. We can replace your product.

Shipping & Returns

We cannot deliver to PO Boxes or rural areas. Please consult "FedEx Delivery Area Surcharge ZIP Codes". Extra charges may apply.

Please consult the shipping price for the states of HI, OH, WA, NE, and NV.


Contact us if you have problems with the assembly of your product.

We do not send tools or installation kit for walls or bookcases.

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